TV Schedule

Las Vegas MAY2
Las Vegas OCT17 9:30pm ET
Anaheim JAN9 TBD
San Diego JAN16 TBD
Anaheim JAN23 TBD
Oakland JAN30 TBD
Phoenix FEB6 TBD
San Diego FEB13 TBD
Arlington FEB20 TBD
Atlanta FEB27 TBD
Daytona MAR5 TBD
Toronto MAR12 TBD
Detroit MAR19 TBD
Santa Clara APR2 TBD
Indianapolis APR9 TBD
St. Louis APR16 TBD
Foxborough APR23 TBD
East Rutherford APR30 TBD
Las Vegas MAY7 TBD
Las Vegas OCT15 TBD
Times are tentative and subject to change. Above TV listings are for US and Canada.
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